24th Annual Russian Orthodox Church Musicians' Conference
 Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia
 St Petersburg, Florida  ·   October 7-11, 2015

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October 7 - 11, 2015

From Generation to Generation: 

Developing  and  Strengthening
the  Musical  Tradition  of  Your  Church  Choir

St Andrew's Russian Orthodox Church
St Petersburg, Florida

   This year's conference will focus on choral tradition 
in the Russian Orthodox Church - developing it where
it is just starting to bloom, and
strengthening it where
it is already blossoming.

   Throughout the three-day program, an exciting blend
of historical, theoretical, and practical considerations will
assist Orthodox conductors and singers in examining,
learning about (and putting into action) what ought to be
one of their main concerns in every parish choir.

   This year, participation by clergy will be especially
encouraged and welcome.  Please join us in October!

 Conference News!

  - 9/27 - Master Class Music posted - and more!
           Please visit the Music Downloads page
            by clicking here.

  - 9/16 - Conference Repertoire - Music posted!
           We have begun posting the conference music.

  - 9/15 - Registration deadline now October 1st!
           The registration deadline has been extended
         to October 1. The $35 late fee is being waived.
         Register for the conference now by clicking here.

  - 9/15 - Speakers and discussion topics


  - Protodeacon Ioann Drobot, Paris, France
      The Choir of the St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Paris —
     the Ebbs and Flows of a Remarkable Musical Center of the
     Russian Emigration

  - Dr. Peter Jermihov Master Class
       Achieving Prayerful and Expressive Choral Tone—Building
      the 'Liturgical Sound' of Russian Orthodox Church Music

  - Dr. Kurt Sander
        Stepped-Up Self-Education Today: Making the Most of
       What's Out There for You and Your Choir Members

   - Dr. Nicolas Schidlovsky
         What Do We Mean by 'Orthodox Musical Tradition'? —
       Deepening Our Understanding of the History



















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