About the ROCM Conferences

This year 2018 marks the occasion of the 27th ROCM Conference, and the Liturgical Music Commission of the Synod of Bishops (ROCOR) is especially pleased to welcome you to Albany. Over more than a quarter-century of the ROCM’s activity, these conferences have fulfilled a critical role—inspiring, encouraging, and creatively guiding the living musical practice of countless Orthodox churches and communities around the world…

Becoming a better church musician is a function of many things. In our Orthodox context, it signifies not only refined musicianship and technical study, but also a deep engagement with multiple areas of knowledge, insight, and learned understanding. As “Orthodox” church musicians, we are carriers of a tradition that today, more than ever, suggests the need for familiarity with history, theory, culture, and liturgics, not to mention the basics of theology and philosophy as the wellspring of our unique joy in beautiful expression. All of these come together as the bedrock of our single, overriding objective—which is earnest prayer as members of the church choir from the heart.

We look forward to an enriching time with you in Albany! Our gratitude extends to all the hundreds of dedicated individuals who have made these conferences possible in the past, and to those who will continue to do so in the future… Thank you for coming this year!

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